My Adventurous Song
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 3 June 2013
Written by Allan Cubitt
Directed by Jakob Verbruggen
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My Adventurous Song is the fourth episode of the first season of The Fall and the fourht episode of the series overall.

Synopsis Edit

When Eastwood's investigation into Olson's murder throws open some uncomfortable truths for Burns, Gibson comes under increased pressure in her hunt for Belfast's killer. [1]

Cast Edit

  • Gillian Anderson as DSI Stella Gibson
  • Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector
  • Laura Donnelly as Sarah Kay
  • Bronagh Waugh as Sally Ann Spector
  • Niamh McGrady as Danielle Ferrington
  • John Lynch as Jim Burns
  • Archie Panjabi as Dr. Reed Smith
  • Ben Peel as James Olson
  • Aisling Franciosi as Katie Benedetto
  • Brian Milligan as James Tyler
  • Valene Kane as Rose Stagg
  • Stuart Graham as Matt Eastwood
  • Frank McCusker as Garrett Brink
  • Ian McElhinney as Morgan Monroe
  • Michael McElhatton as Rob Breedlove
  • Sinead Murphy as Vicky Olson
  • Sarah Beattie as Olivia Spector
  • David Beattie as Liam Spector
  • Patrick O'Kane as Charles Chandler
  • Simon Delaney as Jerry McElroy
  • Seainin Brennan as Liz Tyler
  • Gerard Jordan as Brian Stone
  • Chris Corrigan as Nash
  • Lucy McConnell as Angelica
  • BJ Hogg as Ian Kay
  • Siobhan McSweeney as Mary McCurdy
  • Lisa Hogg as Marion Kay
  • Tara Lynn O'Neill as Martina Dean
  • Karen Hassen as Annie Brawley
  • Will Willoughby as Joseph Brawley

References Edit

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