Template:Infobox series character Detective Sergeant James Olson is a recurring character and a sexual interest of Gibson before being assassinated. He is portrayed by the actor Ben Peel.

Early Life Edit

We know little about his life outside of work, except for the fact that he has a son. We also know that he was one of the policemen who was abusing drugs and prostitutes in the suites of luxury hotels.

Personality Edit

James Olson does not have a great deal of characterization in the series except that he is faithless and abuses drugs. He works hard and plays the role of "bad cop" when he has to interrogate the detainees, even raising his hands against them.

Physical Appearance Edit

James is a muscular man, with fair skin, reddish hair and honey-colored eyes. He has broad shoulders and sculpted abs. He wears casual clothes suitable to his work because it often leads to pursuits, usually a leather biker jacket and amphibians. He is an attractive man.

Throughout The Fall series Edit

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