Danielle Ferrington
Some attributes
Occupation Police Officer
Gender Female
Status Alive
Portrayed by Niamh McGrady

PC Danielle 'Dani' Ferrington, a patrol officer seconded to Operation Musicman at the behest of DSI Gibson during the first season of The Fall. She's portrayed by the actress Niamh McGrady.

Early Life Edit

Nothing is shown of her early life and of her private life apart from the fact that she's a lesbian.

Personality Edit

PC Ferrington is a woman apparently emotional, that perhaps identifies herself too much in the victims of the serial killer. Stella Gibson says she has chosen Danielle as her behest because Danielle gave her a sense of security.

Physical Appearance Edit

A woman with an agile body, very fair skin and red hair. She is shown always in uniform and has gait that suits the habits of the policemen.

Throughout The Fall Series Edit

Season One Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Ferrington is the first LGBT character introduced in the series.